What’s the real reason you can’t say no to sugar and carbs?

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Are you constantly trying to cut back or eliminate sugar/processed carbs from your diet, but are failing miserably?

What if I told you that it’s not your fault? What if a “sugar switch” was the reason you can’t say no – a switch that can be reset or turned off.

Well, guess what? That sugar switch exists!

As a lifelong sugar addict myself, I know how powerless, ashamed and frustrating sugar addiction can be!

Sugar and carb cravings are, hands-down, the most common struggle and the #1 reason my clients break their clean-eating commitment and become derailed from a healthy eating plan. I desperately wanted a solution for myself and for everyone I knew who was silently struggling. 

I needed to understand why I couldn’t say no. Why I couldn’t break free from these foods and kick my sugar habit? What could it be?

Sure, these foods are designed to be hyper-palatable and make you want more of them – but why are some people able to say no to sugar or eat it in moderation, and others cannot? What was different about me and my body?

I set out on a journey! Over the past 7 year,  I’ve researched the physiological mechanisms in the body that drive addiction and cravings.

What I discovered is revolutionary!

It is this: there are 4 different “sugar switches” that override our impulse control, and drive our cravings for sugar and carbs, making it impossible to say no.

These “sugar switches” are the reasons behind why your body & brain crave sugar and until you reset them, freedom from sugar will remain a daily battle.  

You see, this isn’t about will power and everything to do with chemistry. I can hear you now.

“You mean my sugar cravings aren’t just about me having no self-control?”

“It’s not just about having ZERO willpower?”

“You mean something inside my body increases my need for sugar?”

The answer to all of these questions is yes!

When these “sugar switches” are turned on, your will power is completely overridden. Sure, talk therapy can be helpful but is not a sustainable solution. Behavioral therapy gives strategies but it forces you to rely on will power and self control.  Instead of trying to control your impulses, which never lasts,  why not learn how to physically reprogram your impulse control altogether? That’s exactly what The Simple Sugar Solution is designed to do.

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