A widely powerful approach to permanent weight loss, lifestyle transformation, and optimal health!

  • Are you ready to double your energy?
  • Are you ready to heal your digestion and get rid of gas, bloating and heartburn? 
  • Are you ready to determine the foods and carbohydrates that work best for your body and metabolism? 
  • Are you ready to finally understand what your BODY needs to THRIVE in order to LOOK and FEEL great?

Join the hundreds of men and women who have TRANSFORMED their BODY and RECLAIMED their HEALTH, HABITS, and SANITY with this comprehensive approach.

THRIVE will provide you with the strategic tools, nutritional inspiration, knowledge, and support you need to change your BODY, HABITS and HEALTH for good!

In just 5 short sessions – THRIVE will take you from merely surviving to starting to THRIVE again!

Get ready to UNLOCK the healthiest, happiest, most vibrant version of you!

Start anytime

Can’t make that timeslot or are going to miss a Q&A session? No worries. All Q&A sessions are recorded and archived on the THRIVE membership site for your convenience. 

 Why I created 30 Days to THRIVE:

  • I’m a busy, single mom who knows LIFE can get in the way of creating sustainable healthy habits around food. 30 Days to THRIVE is designed with you in mind. I will teach you my simple shortcuts and help take meal planning off your plate.
  • I want to give you the simple, proven groundwork that hundreds of men and women have successfully used to transform their bad habit into healthy ones that last. 
  • Even though I believe 30 Days to THRIVE is easy to follow, doing it on your own can be alone can be lonely.  This program is designed to give you the support and inspiration you need to achieve amazing results amongst a supportive private community.
  • To help you gain a profound, clear understanding of the essential foods and nourishing daily detox rituals that are required in order to create powerful lasting transformation in your body.
  • Having supported hundreds of individuals, I often found that there are many questions along the way and know that having a coach will help keep you focused and improve your long term success.

Are you ready to transform the

way you look and feel? Are you ready to be FREE?

Freedom from:

  • Cravings
  • Dieting
  • Unwanted weight gain
  • Bloating
  • Join pain
  • Insomnia
  • Brain fog
  • Heartburn
  • Guilt & hopelessness

The Results:

  • Goodbye toxins- hello mental clarity, abundant energy, and sound sleep.
  • Hello, skinny jeans. 5-15lbs weight loss.
  • Feel confidant and great in your body again
  • Goodbye bloating, heartburn, constipation, and gas once and for all.
  • De-stress, feel grounded, confident and at ease around food again no matter what social environment you’re faced with.
  • Permanent nutrition overhaul – identify which foods help you THRIVE and what ones sabotage your health, weight, and sanity.
  • Lifelong sanity-saving tools to making you your very own health expert.

Program Includes:

  • One – online 60-minute Kick-off class where I will set expectations, describing exactly what to do to set yourself up for a success
  • A comprehensive THRIVE Nutrition & Wellness cleansing manual where you will receive holistic heath tips, dining out suggestions, metabolism-boosting tips, sleep tips and health questionnaires.
  • Daily protocol and a cheat sheet to show you exactly what your day should look like and what you should be eating when.
  • 30 Day Complete meal plan and shopping list
  • Delicious, Easy to Make Recipe Book with over 90 pages of recipes
  • Over 5 hours of class recordings
  •  5 Live Q&A sessions with Keri
  •  Daily Detox Ritual guidebook 
  • Access to the THRIVE private community Facebook forum to receive ongoing support, health and wellness tips, recipes, and a place to share with current and past THRIVE, participant.
  • Daily Support on a Closed Facebook Group You will have our personal support and the support of your fellow detoxers each step of the way, so you never feel stuck or like you’re in it alone.

      Ready to get started right away but at a HUGE discount?

Get access to everything above including class recordings and THRIVE online community but won’t have access to ask me individual questions or attend the live Q&A session.

Your Investment: Self-Paced THRIVE program

 ONLY $97

Receive all the materials, recipes, 5 hour-long recorded powerpoint lectures and access to the THRIVE online community.

Otherwise, join me with an intimate group with weekly accountability and support LIVE with me.

 ONLY $333

This price is less than the price of a single 75-minute one-on-one session with me


What you will learn:

Learn what foods help to balance your metabolic hormones and which foods turn on your fat-burning switch, and which foods actually shut it off.

▪ Learn how to navigate the eating landmines we are faced with daily that hijack our will power and keep us powerless, tired, fat, and out of control.

▪ Learn what so-called “health foods” may actually be sabotaging your health, causing you to feel fat, frazzled, frustrated and foggy!

▪ Learn daily detox rituals to invigorate your detox pathways elminating toxins and excess body burden that prevent us from looking and feeling our best.

▪ Receive a roadmap to help you determine what foods and nutrients work best with your unique body, helping you feel RESTED, RADIANT, SEXY and BALANCED again!

▪ Learn the main causes of fatigue and insomina and what you can do to correct them for good.

▪ Gain inspiration and support in an intimate community who all understand your daily struggles and challenges!

There will never be a perfect or convenient time to reclaim your health!  That is until you are willing to commit and make YOU and your health the priority!

Sign up today and get the program to do at your own pace

Your Investment:

 ONLY $97

Receive all the materials, recipes, 5 hour-long recorded powerpoint lectures and access to the THRIVE online community


reserve your spot for Small Group Support with Keri.

I’m ready to RECLAIM my BODY, HEALTH and SANITY!


5 hours of recording

4 weekly group accountability and Q&A calls with Keri and all class materials and class recording for only

 $333 each

Looking forward to helping you launch into the next beautiful phase of life as the healthiest, happiest, sexiest, most vibrant version of you!

Local Participants also have the option of 4 Metabolic Weigh-Ins for an additional fee.

30 Days to THRIVE is a widely powerful approach to permanent weight loss and optimal health!  I can’t wait to have you join our AMAZING COMMUNITY centered around TRANSFORMATION, FUN & SUPPORT!


Listen to what people are saying about 30 Days to THRIVE!

The 30 days was nothing short of transformational!I’d been “stuck” for a couple years at a +10 weight plateau. No matter how often/hard I worked out, I just couldn’t drop the pounds. Even following workout/diet routines that had always worked for me in the past. 

After the first week, the weight started dropping. Numbing in my arm I’d been treating with acupuncture weekly for 4 months disappeared. Even better quality sleep finally came around at the end of the 30 days. Check, check and check on the goals I had hoped to obtain. 
The eating wasn’t that much different than what I’d already been doing, except for the organic/gluten free/naturally raised part. Unbelievable the difference quality foods can make.  I’m no longer a guy who scoffs at the non-GMO crowd. 
Thanks so much for the enlightenment. ” Bob age 52.

“Life changing experience not only seen by the measurable changes in my body but in how I feel! I’m sleeping better than I have in 14 years and feel like I did when I was a teenager!” Lisa Andrews Oakwood Spin Instructor

 “This class has been an amazing eye-opener about food and how it affects my behaviors and health! I haven’t felt this healthy or looked this good in years!”  Michael age 42

 “I lost 8 pounds and dropped my blood sugar by 30 points in 3 weeks, bringing it within normal range!” Jerry age 52

 “I’ve taken several other popular cleanse programs, but cannot believe the profound knowledge and results I’ve achieved in this class! I’ve regained my willpower and found my sexy body again!”   Tayrn age 33

“This class has transformed my health and the health of my family! Thank you! Thank you! I am so glad to be able to offer this gift to my children!”  Clay Age 45




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