October 2018:

LiveAware Expo. South San Francisco, California.

The LiveAware Expo: Living Healthy in a Toxic World brings people together who are non-toxic in some way (eat organic, use non-toxic cleaners, use holistic medicine, etc.) but who don’t realize all the other aspects in which they are being bombarded by toxins.  Once again we were inundated with incredible speaker proposals this year.  We have speakers covering a wide variety of topics (skin care products, EMF/WiFi, vaccines, food, water, etc.) that illustrate where we encounter toxins and, more importantly, how we can counter their effects.  This year’s LiveAware Expo sub-focus will be “Food for Life” highlighting the risks and benefits of the food we consume, and how we can do better with what we eat.  Join me and 24 amazing speakers. Click here to learn more>>>

Novmeber 2018

Learn the most impactful ways to stay healthy, boost your immune system & reverse inflammation this holiday season.  November 5th, 2018 11-12pm Oakwood Athletic Club, Lafayette, California.

Join Keri Brooks, Integrative Health and Nutrition Specialist, as she shares the most powerful health strategies & dietary shifts you can make to boost your immune system, reverse inflammation and keep you healthy this holiday season.  She will discuss the compelling research behind the power of intermittent fasting, give you insight on how to get started and share quick, simple daily toxics to keep you THRIVING and healthy the whole year through.  Email me at to reserve your spot. 

December 2018

High Vibe Living. December 9th 1pm-4pm. Luminary Farm, Danville, California,

 Scott Estrada, Intrinsic Health Coach and Keri Brooks, Integrative Health and Nutrition Specialist for Foundation for High Vibe Living on December 9th from 12-4pm. They will provide you with the key ingredients and rituals they use personally, and with their clients to clear brain fog, boost energy, balance hormones, decrease inflammation and become more patient, present and alive. Join us at the beautiful Luminary Farm, in Danville California and experience a day of High Vibe living for yourself.  Click here to register>>


January 2019

21-Day High Vibe Living Detox and Cleanse. Date TBA. January & February 2019. Just Be Yoga in Walnut Creek. 








High Vibe Living 6-month Immersion with Scott Estrada & Keri Brooks. February 2019-July 2019. Luminary Farm, Danville, California.

Tap into your very own well of vitality and potential. Join us once a month for a mini 1/2 days retreat at the stunning Luminary Farm in Danville, California. For the next 6-months, you will be initiated & immerse into a BioHacking lifestyle alongside Longevity expert an Intrinsic Health coach Scott Estrada and Keri Brooks Functional Medicine and Nutrition Specialist. Scott and Keri hold yoga and personal training certifications and are also certified in Energy Healing.


Fasting, cleansing, cold plunging, isolation tanks, earthing, sound healing, tonics, juicing, meditation, mindfulness, movement. Learn the cutting edge science behind it all and be supported as you experiment and live it daily along with an intimate group of individuals who believe in food as medicine and believe in the ability to live your very best life now.


There will be guest teachers, field trips, cooking demos, food tastings, recipes sharing, yoga, movement, hiking & play. Enrollment opens January 1st, 2019. Click here>> to be put on the waiting list and be the first to receive important updates and information about this exclusive program.