About me

“I teach women how to feel HEALTHY, HAPPY, RESTED & BALANCED again!

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My story
I lost my mom when I was 7. She didn’t die. A chronic and debilitating health condition landed her in the hospital sometimes 3 or 4 times a month. She couldn’t eat. She couldn’t sleep. Searing headaches and digestive distress made it almost impossible to get through daily tasks let alone enjoy her children or the life she so desperately wanted to lead.

I watched her go in and out of the ER and doctors’ offices, leaving each visit with no answers, no solutions and no hope. Each appointment left her more frustrated and less empowered than the last.

Her diet became more and more restricted with no end in sight. She rarely left the house because of her constant need to run to the bathroom. I saw my smart, driven, vibrant mother slip away.

I grew up wondering if I’d ever have a mom again.

When traditional medical practitioners couldn’t get to the root of her illness, my mom sought out alternative practitioners. With every new modality came a glimmer of hope. But she was grasping at straws. No one provided her with a thoughtful, integrated approach to healing. Several times, it was implied that it was all in her head and she started to believe she was crazy.


It probably comes as no surprise that I’m inspired to  create a health and nutrition revolution. My mother’s situation sparked my passion for holistic health but it wasn’t until I saw my own child start down this path that the flame ignited.

Chronic ear infections, runny nose, and fevers kept my little baby from thriving. That’s when I found Dr. Kalish and started my own educational journey. I studied. I learned about functional medical testing, nutritional protocols and lifestyle changes and how these modalities work together to provide a road map for health.

My daughter healed and so did my mom. I can’t help but wonder why my mom had to suffer for three decades before she found the help she needed, but I am so grateful my daughter didn’t have to follow in her footsteps. 

Are you ready to accompany me on this nutrition revolution?

My mission is to turn everything you know about nutrition and health upside down so that you can stop surviving and start thriving.

 I can help you become your very own health specialist with simple sustainable solutions so that you feel empowered and powerful. Let’s dispel the nutrition and health myths that keep you overweight, tired, sick and unhappy.

Are you ready for a customized road map?


My specialties include: weight loss resistance, fatigue, sleep imbalances and digestive complaints.


Ask me about the holistic approaches I employ:

• unique laboratory testing,

• tailored nutritional therapies,

• whole food education, and

• holistic lifestyle coaching


Keri Brooks is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner,  Women’s Wellness Specialist and is an avid corporate speaker and food educator.  In addition, she holds certifications in personal training, Pilates, yoga,  and Intuitive healing. 

She has been featured on local radio shows, podcasts and several online Wellness Summits.

Most recently, she helped facilitate a landmark study as the lead Nutritionist in a Functional Medicine Study with the Mayo Clinic. 

She’s the creator of  30 Days to Thrive, a transformational jump-start program that has helped hundreds of men and women reclaim their bodies, healthy habits and well-being. Keri is an expert in her field. Dr. Dan Kalish, founder of Kalish Functional Medicine Institute and author, recognized her as a top graduate from his program and called her a “brilliant practitioner and nutritionist”. Sean Croxton, fellow FDN practitioner, founder of Underground Wellness and creator of Underground Wellness Radio (the Number 1 rated Health Podcast Show in the United States) says Keri is the “practitioner he entrusts his family, friends and now perspective clients to”.

In her free time, Keri loves to play!  She hikes, practices yoga, dances and Paddle Boards!  

She’s a huge foodie and single mama who is dedicated to finding ways to simplify healthy eating for you and your family.

Keri is ready to share her passion, brilliance and expertise with you!

She primarily works with women who suffer from FLC Syndrome aka know as “Feel Like Crap Syndrome” and help empower them through nutrition, simplistic lifestyle changes and diagnostic testing to become the healthiest, happiest, most radiant versions of themselves.  

Once you feel well physically, you are able to live the inspired, extraordinary lives you are meant to experience. 

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to feel Healthy, Happy and Vibrant again?