Are you SUFFERING from FLC Syndrome?

AKA “Feel Like Crap Syndrome?

Here are your answers to why.


Do you feel
  • Do you feel exhausted constantly regardless of how much sleep you get?
  • Do you find it nearly impossible to lose weight?
  • Do you find it difficult to fall asleep or have problems falling back to sleep once you’re awake?
  • Do you have unexplained skin problems or chronic health & digestive complaints?
  • Do you feel consistently overwhelmed, impatient & irritated by your children and family?
  • Do you find you rarely have time for YOU- let alone throwing together a healthy meal from scratch?
  • Do you know HOW to EAT HEALTHY but find that you’re just not doing it?

Well, here’s the good news- you’re not alone and…All of the things you’ve been struggling with aren’t because you’re lazy! It’s NOT because you’re crazy or a hypochondriac, have a weak demeanor, or because you’re a mom of three or because you’ve turned 40! K23I have helped hundreds of people just like you go from feeling LIKE CRAP to feeling- RESTED, RADIANT, SEXY, HAPPY and BALANCED again! Let me help you take care of yourself and teach you exactly what your body needs in order to become balanced, to lose weight effortlessly, to eliminate sugar and alcohol cravings, to feel rested, to sleep deeply, to boost your energy and vitality and finally LIVE the INSPIRED HAPPY LIFE you DESERVE! Get the immediate SOLUTIONS, ANSWERS, INSPIRATION, and SUPPORT you need in order to reclaim your health, ignite your life and learn what your body needs to THRIVE. Book your one-on-one consultation today.

What clients are saying

“Keri your guidance has been life-changing. I had been diagnosed with IBS which meant that they couldn’t find anything medically wrong with me but clearly, I was suffering, having struggled with chronic diarrhea and stomach pain since the 4th grade.  Eventually, I was told that my increasing anxiety was the cause of my stomach issues and that my only hope was anxiety medication.  I couldn’t even get through a college lecture most days without having to urgently run to the bathroom. Despite a “healthy diet’ and an excessive amount of exercise, my body wasn’t where I hoped it to be. After working with you for just a short few months, my transformation has been dramatic. I no longer have stomach pain and rarely experience diarrhea, I’ve lost the bloat and body fat,  and my anxiety is significantly improved! I feel better in my body than ever before.

35-Year-Old Entrepreneur and Mom of 3

“Keri, I came to you on the brink of what felt like a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t think, I was crying incessantly, I was raging at my husband and children, and was having irrational thoughts. “ I was terrified.  You assured me that I wasn’t broken and explained that you suspected that I was struggling with some significant hormone imbalances and that my thyroid might even be the culprit. I left with a few dietary recommendations, lab testing to request from my MD,  stress reduction interventions, several supplements, and a recommendation for a therapist. Within three days, I felt everything shift! It was miraculous! Within 1 month, I had my brain and sanity back. You are amazing and such a gift! Thank you.”


62-Year-Old Female Writer and Author

“I thought I was destined to have a belly forever!” It had been impossible for me to lose weight despite religiously working out 6 days per week and trying various starvation diets. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, IBS, chronic insomnia, migraines, and Vertigo! I had seen some of the top specialists in the US but had received no answers or solutions outside of pain management & drugs!


•I lost 6 lbs. in the first 2 weeks and am now down 12lbs
•I have reduced my thyroid medication twice
•My stomach pain and headaches have nearly vanished,
•I’m sleeping deeply
•My vertigo and vision have improved

45-Year-Old Dad and Small Business Owner

This class has transformed my health and the health of my family! I have stable energy all day long, lost 10 pounds, all my joint pain disappeared, and my productivity at work has skyrocketed! Thank you! Thank you! I am so glad to be able to offer this gift to my children!”