Your health challenges are the result of years of underlying chronic stress and imbalance. Unraveling them will take some time but I assure you we will discover your underlying dysfunction. At the heart of EFW program is lifestyle modification. Your success will be rooted in identifying which foods are ideal for your body and uncovering any/all internal and external stressors that may exist.

While we are busy identifying the root cause of health challenges- you will be busy focusing on fine tuning your diet and implementing your new lifestyle changes. While we will use dietary supplements for support and symptom relief, the true test is not to become dependent on the supplements as you would a pharmaceutical drug. It is to use them initially for support to assist your body in healing. Our ultimate goal is to bring your body closer to homeostasis allowing it to ultimately heal its self!

Your participation in this program demonstrates a willingness and commitment to make changes, be open minded and do away with preconceived beliefs! Your dedication towards eating the foods we’ve identified to work with your unique body & metabolism, to drinking plenty of pure-mineral rich water, to moving daily, to reducing stress, to getting to bed on time, and to sticking to your recommended supplements, is where your success will be rooted.

Recovery will not happen overnight! This is a process, during which there will be good days and bad days. However, you will begin to see the miraculous power behind the EFW program as your good days come to out-number your bad. Our ultimate hope is that the new tools and skills you develop will empower you to embrace your new lifestyle and you will in-turn educate and inform others about what true healing actually looks and feels like