5 Proven ways to get rid of bloat, hangovers and belly fat.

Okay, maybe you overdid it a bit over the holidays and are feeling super uncomfortable right now. Luckily, I have some weight loss hacks to quickly and safely get rid of your holiday hangover and that extra pound or two. Here are my 5 proven ways to help you lose weight, get back on track, and feel good in your body again.

tired1. Drank too much? Get rid of headaches, brain fog, fast with this powerful herb and detox bath.

I take Milk thistle or Glutathione on the nights I drank too much or when I’m feeling a wee hung-over. Does the trick in
about 30 minutes. It clears my brain fog, stops my headache, and clears up my skin.

Milk thistle has been used medicinally for over 2000 thousand years to help improve the body’s ability to neutralize toxins. It prevents the depletion of glutathione; a powerful antioxidant that’s 5000 times more powerful than Vitamin C or Vitamin E. Glutathione is used to neutralize toxic chemicals and to metabolize things like alcohol and medications. Milk thistle has been shown to increase the level of glutathione in the liver by up to 35%.

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epsom-saltasTake a detox bath.

1 place 1 cup of Epsom salts plus 1 cup of baking soda in the tub, run the hottest water you can stand. Soak for 20 minutes and allow yourself to sweat. Epsom salts are great for removing toxins from your body and rebalancing all the minerals you lost thanks to alcohol. Here’s to feeling vibrant and hydrated again.



2. Get rid of leftovers and cheat foods. 

Do I just throw away all these holiday treats away or talk myself into becoming a human garbage can for the next several days? “I can’t throw this away!” Instead, I convince myself to continue to indulge and devour all the remaining leftovers swearing that I will start eating right and exercising again tomorrow. Do yourself a favor, skip days of agony and self sabotage- get leftovers out of your house today. Send them home with guests, give them away or just toss them out. Your waistline and sanity will thank you.

3.  Jumpstart your metabolismmatcha_tea_health_benefits_matcha_source

Drinking herbal teas such as matcha green tea, amp up your metabolism. According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea is effective at promoting weight loss because of it’s high levels of catechins. So if you want to lose weight fast, I recommend drinking 1-3 cups of green tea daily.

Get your fat burning workout done is only 20-minutes a day. Here’s a beginners High Intensity Training Workout. Download this app for your timer. 

  1. Jumping jacks, single leg Squat touch or jumping stars. 20 seconds work,plank-on-a-bench
    10 seconds rest. Repeat 8 times
  2. Wall squat, stationary squat or jumping squats.20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Repeat 8 times
  3. Push ups, on the floor, a bench or your knees. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Repeat 8 times
  4. Plank, on the floor, a bench or your knees. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Repeat 8 times

45170000 - apple cider vinegar with honey and lemon, natural remedies and cures for common health condition4. Give your digestion & metabolism a boost with this morning cocktail

This is a gentle, yet effective cocktail clears out the alcohol & less than healthy foods you consumed by jump starting your digestion and fat loss. It also gets rid of bloating fast.

Morning Digestion Detox Cocktail:

  • 1tbsp. organic, raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Juice from 1 lemon
  • 1/8 tsp Cayenne Pepper
  • 1-2 tbsp. Honey
  • 1/4 of Water – You can add or dilute this as strong or as weak as you prefer.

Lemon juice actually stimulates gall bladder contractions, to help remove of toxins and digest fat. Click HERE to read about all the other benefits of lemon water.

Raw Apple cider vinegar is not only an incredible indigestion cure but it also helps to digest protein& fats, suppresses appetite and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. You can repeat the process before bedtime too.

5. Replace your biggest meal (usually this is dinner) with a protein smoothie or soup.

38546368 - fresh smoothies

Commit for the next 7 days to replace dinner with a low sugar, protein smoothie, soup or salad. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel, literally overnight. You belly will be flatter, your digestion will be smoother, you’ll sleep more deeply and your waistline will shrink.

Here’s my favorite smoothie recipe>

Here’s my time saving hack for making salads. 1 prep, 1 clean up and 5 salads.

cobb-mason-jar-salad-3Mason Jar Salad: Print the recipe here>

5 wide mouth quart size mason jars
5-10 tablespoons dressing (creamy avocado dressing I like best)
1 quart cherry tomatoes, halved
5 mini cucumbers, sliced
5 hard-boiled eggs, chopped or sliced
2 avocados, chopped
5 slices cooked crispy bacon, crumbled
5 slices, thinly sliced turkey, cut into pieces
5 slices, thinly sliced ham, cut into pieces
5 cups chopped romaine lettuce


Divide ingredients among 5 wide-mouth mason jars.
Start with dressing then layer tomatoes, cucumbers, egg, avocado, bacon, turkey, ham, and end with romaine.
When ready to eat, shake, then pour into a bowl. Salads keep fresh for 5-7 days.

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