FLC Rhab

What would you give to get your energy back and 

feel hormonally balanced and rested again?

Are you tired of being tired? Sure, a day to sleep in would be an absolute luxury but what if you could wake 
up every day feeling rested and alive again? What if you could make it

through the day without the need for caffeine, sugar or a glass of wine

because you have energy and a new found patience and love for life?

I’ve worked with thousands of women and can say that there are very few

women on this planet who wouldn’t want to regain their youthful energy and

vitality! Sadly, so many women believe the reason they’re tired is just

that they’re getting older or because they’re a mom of 3. Well,

guess what getting older and becoming a parent isn’t the cause. It’s because

of a silent, hidden, rarely discussed or recognized epidemic. It’s called

adrenal fatigue and it’s the number one cause of exhaustion. Even Hypothyroidism can be caused by adrenal exhaustion. If you don’t support and heal your adrenal function, your thyroid will only continue to get worse and cannot recover/heal.  

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms:

  • I’m repeatedly tired no matter how much sleep I get.
  • I need caffeine to get going in the morning.
  • I get a second wind at night.
  • I have trouble staying asleep.         
  • My ability to handle stress has decreased
  • I’m  easily irritated/upset/ impatient
  • I’ve gained weight and have trouble taking it off
  • I need something in the afternoon to give me a boost, usually sugar, carbs or caffeine. 

I’ve found a way to give back! A way to reach & help more women.

It’s called FLC Rehab also known as Feel Like Crap Rehab

For the first time, I am offering an incredible opportunity to get cutting edge testing

Adrenal Fatigue testing, a consultation with me and ongoing support but at a $600 savings. More importantly, it’s your chance to feel like yourself again. For some of you, it’s your chance to feel better than you have in your entire life. 

Here are what a few clients are saying about FLC Rehab!

“I feel amazing but am almost grieving for my old self. I cannot believe I spent 32 years thinking that living a life of daily exhaustion was normal. It’s not! I no longer need to take a nap daily, I feel hopeful and alive in a way I couldn’t ever imagine. “I cannot thank you enough.” Denise

“I’m waking up rested without an alarm for the first time in my life! I feel like a new person and have an whole new lease on life.” Kali


What you will receive:


You will receive an adrenal test kit sent to your house. You pay the lab directly but will receive my wholesale discount for your test kit.  *The lab fee is an additional $120 for cortisol or $214 for cortisol plus hormones and melatonin. 


A 90-day nutrition & healing protocol


bullet1 online group session to interpret test results and allow you to ask individual questions.


bullet1 30-minute, one-on-one phone consultation with me. ($150 value)


bullet2  online Q&A sessions


bulletPrivate Facebook group to ask questions and get ongoing support from me and an intimate group of women on this journey with you.


The cost of the program is regularly $297 now


That’s less than the cost of one consultation with me.

Here’s the catch!
This program is only available for the first 20 individuals
will expire Friday, December 29th at 11:59pst.

 I’m ready! And want in!

 Not ready to sign up but need support?

Start here with my FREE FLC Recovery Ebook


What if I have to miss the Q&A sessions and/or test results interpretation session? 

No problem! All sessions will be recorded and sent out to the entire group.
Questions can be emailed beforehand and will be answered on the call.

Do I have to go to a lab to get my blood drawn?
No. This is a salivary test. A test kit will be sent directly to you. The test must be completed within the first week you receive it and mailed back directly to the lab with the prepaid shipper.

When will we receive our test kits?
Test kits will arrive within 7 business days of enrollment. 

When should we do our test?
Testing should be completed within 3-5 days of receiving your test kit. 

How long does it take to get our results?
Test results take up to 14 days to receive. We will go over test results the week of January 9th.

When is Q&A held?
Thursday, January 11th   from 1pm-2pm PST
Thursday, January 25th  from 1pm-2pm PST

When will my one-on-one consultation be?
It should be scheduled after you receive your results and before the end of January 2018 and is based on availability.

What will my healing protocol consist of?
You will receive dietary, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations. The supplements are an additional fee.  A 30-day supplement supply is approximately $100-$120.


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