3 Simple Steps to Tame the Flames of Anxiety

Jun 27, 2022 | Blood SugarBrain/Mood

Are you ready to take back control of your life and feel like yourself again?

While we could fill a blog or two or three of four on the subject of ANXIETY we know that when you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious the only thing that is helpful is a KISS — Keep it Simple Stupid.

So here it is….

  1. Eat 3 balanced meals per day plus 1-2 small snacks
  2. Therapeutic Shaking to instantaneously calm your nervous
  3. Practice Vagus nerve exercises as needed and/or daily
  4. Order our Anxiety Reducing Supplement Bundle

1)Eating 3 balanced meals and 1-2 snacks helps stabilize your blood sugar and prevents a flood of additional anxiety-promoting hormones.

Blood sugar dys-regulation can lead to anxiety-like symptoms.

If you don’t cook and/or the idea of making 3 meals a day makes you feel overwhelmed then have your meals delivered straight to your door.

Do this for yourself even just for a short time to take some of the pressure off so you can heal, feel like yourself again, and then re-evaluate. Think of it as a medical prescription.

This will help you save time, reduce cognitive overload, minimize stress—and put healthy eating on auto-pilot with weekly deliveries from Methodology.  Try it for one week.

This will help you feel nourished again and support the pathways that helps stabilize your mood and energy.

A balanced meal includes protein, fat and carbs. Eat carbs in the form that won’t make you anxious. Skip the sugar from pasta, rice and bread, candy and soda and include quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes and low glycemic fruit instead.

Focus on healthy fats, like nuts and seeds and low glycemic fruits for snacks.

Make your last meal at least 3 hours before you go to bed and eat within the first hour of rising to help stabilize blood sugar.

2) Shake to calm your nerves

Shaking, also known as therapeutic or neurogenic tremoring, a phrase coined by David Berceli, PhD is one of the quickest ways to relieve tension, stress, and any unwanted energies from the body. Yes, that’s right, the simple act of shaking is a very powerful technique that can produce a multitude of health benefits instantly. It helps to release muscular tension, burn excess adrenaline, and calms the nervous system and helps to stimulate the lymphatic system. Here’s one video I really like.

3. Practice Vagus Nerve Exercises

Stimulation of the vagus nerve helps us get out of the fight-or-flight mode and into a more peaceful state.

Here are our favorite Vagus Nerve exercises:

  • Gargling. This is probably the simplest and most accessible way for a person to work on their vagal tone. In the morning gargle some water as hard as you can for 90 seconds. You’ll know you’ve stimulated the vagus nerve when you begin to get a tear response in your eyes.
  • Cold shower- a 30 second cold shower can instantaneously calm your nervous system and improve vagal tone.
  • Use Vibrational Sound Therapy of Binaural Beats to Calm Anxiety. Listen to this as you fall asleep.

Here’s feedback from one listener: “3 minutes in and my anxiety attack is almost gone. I’ve spent the last hour pacing around my house, rocking myself, trying to pet my dogs and many other things to help with my anxiety but this is the only thing that worked. Thank-you so so much.”

Play it as background music while you work or close your eyes and Let the sound vibrate through every part of your being.

3)Order our Anxiety & Stress Reducing Bundle:

3). Order our Anxiety & Stress Reducing Bundle:

This unique blend of vitamins and herbs work synergistically to support a calm and positive mental outlook and combat stress and anxiety.

Magnesium plays two important roles in the brain, which may contribute to these symptoms:

  1. It blocks the activity of stimulating neurotransmitters and binds to calming receptors, resulting in a more peaceful, resting state.
  2. It helps to regulate the release of stress hormones like cortisol, acting like the brake on your body’s nervous system.

Magnesium L-threonate is a highly bioavailable form that crosses the blood-brain barrier. This form of magnesium has been shown to be superior in increasing magnesium levels compared with other forms. If you feel tense during the day and/or before bed. 300-400mg is a good amount to start with.

Catecholcalm – adaptogenic herbs and nutrients that can help mood and promote calmness and relaxation.

Chromium Synergy – supports blood sugar and contains the amino acid Taurine which has been shown to have an anti-anxiety effect and helps to keep your blood sugar stable.

Cannab-FS-600 – When CBD activates cannabinoid receptors, it encourages the body to balance its production and secretion of neurotransmitters to support a healthy mood, a positive outlook on life, sharp memory, and cognitive function.

Over 40 million Americans are suffering from Anxiety. You are not alone.  If you want additional support from us please reach out to info@keribrookshealth.com or Schedule a free 20 min consult here.


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