Week 3: REFINE Food Quality


30 Days to THRIVE Manual

Meal Planner and Shoping Guide

Quick and Easy Favorites

Smoothie Recipes


THe foods that help balance your BRAIN, REBUILD your MUSCLE and OPTIMIZE your WEIGHT from keri brooks on Vimeo.

Fat Why we need it and where we should be getting it from?

Fat that make you THIN and help balance your HORMONES from keri brooks on Vimeo.

Veggies and fruit

What types of Veggies and Fruit should i be fllling up on? from keri brooks on Vimeo.


1)   Add good quality fat to every meal ( fats handout)

2)   Pick out 1-2 meals from cookbook to make (favorites)

3)   Prepare easy snacks meals (chop veggies, roast meat, cut up fruit,have easy fat sources on hand Olives, coconut flakes, avocados etc.

4) Hydration Suggestions


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