Week 2- REMOVE

This week you will focus on removing the foods and beverages that have the potential to steal your health and vitality and sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Download and Implement 

Preparation Guide

Food Quality Guide

Cheat Sheet

Daily Meal Timing and Guidelines

Portion Guide

Insert Video Why kalish Diet


1)   Read Preparation guide and Watch the video below

What food has become a Common Day Kryptonite from keri brooks on Vimeo.

2)   Continue Food Diary & continue to schedule meals into your calendar

3)   Remove decrease coffee consumption using 50/50 rule or green tea replacement

4) Pantry clean out- replace gluten, diary, processed and packaged foods.

Below explains the reason Dairy and processed Soy are to be removed from your diet 

Keri Dairy from keri brooks on Vimeo.


How we “Americanized” soy and made it into a toxin instead of a health food! from keri brooks on Vimeo.

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