Endeavor Fitness has changed my life! I am healthier physically, inside and
out, since I joined Keri Brooks’ personal fitness program. I consistently
look forward to our great Boot Camp workouts and have substantially raised
my strength and stamina since I started working out with Keri five months
ago. She keeps me on task and coaches me to get the most out of each and
every movement. Her knowledge of nutrition, weight management,
detoxification and healthy lifestyle choices is inspiring and truly
extraordinary. Keri has raised my energy to new heights, reshaped my body
(48 pounds lighter and gorgeous new muscles everywhere!), and helped heal my
digestive system to its best condition ever. I am so grateful for her
instruction, care, and personal dedication. I can honestly say that Keri’s
coaching has renewed my ability to enjoy life in all its abundance. Thank
you, thank you, thank you!

Robin Bradley (54 years strong)

I started training with Keri in 2009 and during that time, my ongoing stomach problems went from bad to worse. I saw several GI Specialists who diagnosed me with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Their solution was to put me on medication. The medicine was a temporary fix.  I continued to experience severe stomach pains, bloating and fatigue.  I did not feel like myself and the problem was only getting worse! I was starting to feel like I was never going to get the answers I needed for this illness.  

 When I asked Keri about my stomach issues, she was able to put my mind at ease. We first had to discover the root cause of my illness! We did extensive laboratory testing and discovered I had an intestinal yeast overgrowth, bacterial overgrowth, gluten intolerance, a parasitic infection along with severe adrenal exhaustion.  She put together a strategic, nutritionally based program explained that once I eliminated gluten and got rid of the yeast and parasite, my body would begin to heal! I felt like I could call or email Keri whenever I was experiencing pain and she would guide me through my ordeal. 

 With Keri’s direction and guidance, I feel like a new person! Today, I am completely gluten free, my gut is balanced and I feel GREAT!!NO more pain!    Thank you!

Marcy Rubin

Here is what our clients have to say about Endeavor Fitness

 I have always felt like a failure in a gym and in an exercise class.  I never have felt that way with you as my coaches, even at the very beginning.  I always felt that the exercise was adjusted to push me to my best. I never have felt “competitive” with the others in the class. In the past year, I have never felt stronger or healthier. Everything in my life has become easier from skiing, to backpacking, to running my first mile since high school. The twenty pounds I’ve lost since training with Endeavor Fitness was simply icing on the cake.                                                      

Melissa  age 49

Really your workouts are amazing, I have had quite a few trainers in my life time, but this has been by far the best. I hope I can get the results I want soon!      

 Barran Age 42

 Keri Brooks is a wonderful teacher, and a true inspiration to all of us!  Thanks for sharing your talents, wit and workout wisdom!                             

Ellen Age 50


Keri and Endeavor Fitness have given me a gift…a true, lifelong appreciation for exercise. Keri customizes each program and exercise for your needs. Endeavor Fitness workouts push me more than I would ever push myself. Keri is an inventive and thoughtful instructor. Her workouts are fun and keep you coming back for more!”                                                                                                               Ally Age 38

 After having my second child Keri and Endeavor Fitness helped me lose my extra baby weight and get back into my skinny jeans!                                                                                                                                                                          Gabrielle Age 37

 I began working with Endeavor Fitness shortly after a knee injury, the individualized treatment that I received (even within the group setting) has improved my both my knee  and my total fitness.                        

Mary Age 34

 Despite being an avid member of a great health club, I decided to give EFW a try.  What a surprise to find out how Keri B. could fine tune my workout and really take it up a notch.  She truly personalized the workout to each person’s level of fitness and is knowledgeable in nutrition as well.                                                                             Stephanie Age 37

 After a lifetime of being able to eat whatever I wanted and never having to worry about my weight, menopause hit! Suddenly my body changed and my regular aerobic classes weren’t enough. Endeavor Fitness provided me with the education and tools I needed to get my body back and taught me what and how I should be eat to maintain it!  Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                Loren Age 52

 As an avid runner and a fit individual I never imagined what Endeavor Fitness could offer me. It changed my body and my outlook. I realized that running for hours on end doesn’t make me a well rounded individual or athlete. I needed strength training to balance all the repetitive stress on put on my body, flexibility and CORE training to keep me injury free, interval training to give me more speed and power, nutritional advice to make all my logged hours  worthwhile, postural and running corrections to make me more efficient. Thank you Endeavor Fitness!                  

Katie Age 37