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Rested and Radiant

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90-Day Transformational Program

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who want to feel 

Rested, Radiant

Beautiful and Balanced again? 

Have you tried a MILLION different programs and approaches but can’t seem to find something that is comprehensive and works long term….

Are you ready to finally get the answers that give you simple, SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS to create new habits, feel empowered and create the body and life you desire? 

Are you ready to learn why you’re fatigued, why you aren’t sleeping and why your metabolism seems to have stopped working? 

Are you ready to balance your mood and hormones so that you can feel and look like yourself again? 

Are you finally ready to have healhty normal digestion?

Are you finally ready to rediscover the happy, vibrant, balanced women you used to be? 

 Well…it’s here….

The Rested and Radiant Recovery Program 

is a TRANSFORMATIONAL WELLNESS PROGRAM that has literally helped hundreds of women rediscover what it feels like to be RESTED, RADIANT, SEXY and BALANCED again.

This program uses a groundbreaking approach that is being tested by one of the top medical establishments in the United States.

This is your opportunity:

  • To feel good in your body and PLAY 

  • To like the person you see in the mirror

  • To have energy and sleep soundly

  • To have a belly that’s no longer bloated

  • To become hormonally and emotionally balanced 

  • To regain your inspired outlook and rediscover the patience you used to have with your family and the world.

  • To permanently eliminate the barriers that have stopped you from feeling ALIVE!     

This is your chance to turn back the clock, reclaim your health and ignite your LIFE. 

It’s your chance to commit to making space for you, your needs, desires, and body! 

 It’s your chance to start LIVING again! 


“Feel Like Crap” 



Where you are 100%


It uses simple science, unique laboratory testing and is designed and lead by a PASSIONATE industry expert who has the wisdom and tools you need to profoundly TRANSFORM your BODY, HEALTH, HABITS and LIFE for good!

Why I created Rested and Radiant Recovery Program:

I created this program for women just like you. YOU are the TRUE reason and my INSPIRATION!

 Who is this program for?

  • For women who want the opportunity to give their body a complete nutritional and hormonal overhaul. 

  • For women who want simple shortcuts and help taking meal planning off their plate.

  • For women who are ready to release self-doubt, negative self-talk, food addictions and cravings and invite in more love, SEX, self- acceptance, peace, PLAY,ease and nourishment into their everyday lives

  • For women who are looking for a proven groundwork that will transform their bad habit into healthy ones, that last.

  • For women who crave more balance, peace, presence and play in their daily lives. 

  • For women who want a profound, clear understanding of the essential foods and nourishing daily rituals that their body needs in order to create powerful, lasting transformation. 

  • For women who want the opportunity to work closely with me at a fraction of the cost and get answers. To learn most of what I know about food, health, play, passion, healing and the human body along with how to finally heal it.

  • For women who are looking for an authentic community of like-minded women who have similar goals and are looking to create empowerment, support, and accountability. 

  • For women who are looking for the opportunity to finally create space in their life for their health, body and happiness.

    Women who want to be inspired and empowered to transform their body, habits and life. 

    Women who are ready to rediscover the balanced, calm, radiant women they used to be.

For those who are ready to 



I was someone who had been suffering from “Feel Like Crap Syndrome.”  Each year, I hoped I would feel better and get back on track. I hoped I would find the time for me and put my needs at the forefront, but I rarely did.  I would try to workout more often, get more rest, start eating healthier but nothing every worked or stuck for long. I even hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist.  I would lose weight and feel better about how my body looked but I was still struggling. My energy, sleep and even my sanity still were a big issue.  In fact, as the years past, I felt like I was becoming less and less of the person I knew I was.  The weight would creep back on and I would be back to feeling fat, fatigued, frazzled and more frustrated and unhappy than ever. Working with Keri has literally been the most life-changing gift. She has given me a solid understanding of how my body works, and helped me identify exactly what I needed to become balanced and radiant again!  She’d given me a plan that is not only doable but sustainable for life. We worked on intentions setting and goal setting and took the focus of the numbers on the scale. It couldn’t be my only why. I am down 30lbs and each week, continue to drop weight, even over the holidays and on vacation.  I love all the new foods and recipes she has shared with me. I feel like myself again. I’m inspired, passionate and happy!  I used to be told that I could run a small country. Despite being 20 years older,  I now feel like I can again.  I can tolerate and juggle the stress of my life so much better than ever before. I’m excited for life! I’ve even decided to start my own company. Less than 1 year ago, I would have never believed any of this was possible! Thank you for giving me my life back! I’m forever grateful. Joanne 

I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing women.  But something was missing – we all seemed to share a common thread.  We look like superwomen on the outside; some juggling careers, others juggling careers and motherhood – all incredibly, smart, driven and beautiful, but all struggle silently through our day-to-day lives. You would never know it; we rarely complain but occasionally, in an intimate conversation, the truth would slip out.  Sure, we were making it through each day but were fatigued, unhappy, felt out of balance and uninspired. Most, were weighted down and felt overwhelmed by the mundane necessities of life. Were we all merely surviving? We blamed ourselves;  it must be something they we’re”doing wrong” – it was because we “aren’t disciplined enough” or because we “aren’t in our 20’s any more” or because we’re moms. 

We had lost our passion for life and vitality somewhere between the mundane necessities and everyone else’s needs- feeling like only a shadow of who we used to be. 

Here’s the good news, it has nothing to do with how old you are or how many children you have or how disciplined you are and everything to do with what your body is missing. Your body has fallen out of balance and simply needs a TRANSFORMATIONAL RESET to feel Rested, Radiant and Alive again! 

I am so proud of the HUGE success and lasting impact RESTED and RADIANT has already had on so many incredible women!

What would it be worth to you to become


To feel:

Balanced ~  Supported ~ Nourished ~ ALIVE ~ Beautiful ~ ~ Strong ~ SEXY ~ and ~ Inspired ~ again? 

This is an INCREDIBLE 

LIFE-CHANGING  opportunity

Here’s what get:

  • A community of women with a common goal to create a new habits and weave a lifestyle that will be your very best medicine.
  • Accountibiliy
  • Weekly guided practice
  • Weekly opprotunity to ask questions, practice and connect as a group
  • Meal plans
  • Testing
  • Learn how to Balance your Hormones
  • Learn how to support your Thryoid
  • Learn how to regain and support your natural energy production
  • Learn how to improve your digestion and balance your gut health

 The value of this is regularly


but this would only cover 

3 private sessions

with me! 

In addition, you will get:

90-day Nutrition & Wellness Program

DetoxFoodSmIncludes: Meal plans, Shopping ists, wellness manual, sanity savers, daily detox rituals, recorded lectures, videos and much more.


Weekly Action & Accountability Circle


Weekly you will have the opportunity to meet as a group, and work together on intention setting, mindfulness, meditation and goal setting.  You will also be encouraged to ask questions and explore the science and solutions around restful sleep, fatigue, weight loss resistance, cravings, depression, detox and cleaning up our homes.strong

Health Questionnaires and a Personal Health & Bliss Journal

These help us identify additional places where your body is out of balance and needs support and healing.  Your health and bliss journal allows you set intentions and write about your transformational journey.

Weekly Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork led by Kat and Keri

Image 3Stress reduction, sweating, stretching and breath are all part of your recovery program. What better way than to be lead by a group of the top Yoga Instructors in the Bay, in a beautiful space, in a community of people who come in all shapes, sizes and ability.

Weekly Inspiration and Live Online Q&A

Image 5Each week, you have the opportunity to connect online, ask questions, receive inspiration and connect with Keri and the amazing women in our intimate community.

Weekly Recorded Meditations


To help you let go of stress and bring in more balance, ease, joy and bliss into your life.

Weekly metabolic Weigh-in’s

imagesTo help keep you on track and focused, if shedding body fat is a goal.

Daily Support on a Closed Facebook Group

magic groupYou will have personal support and the support of 19 other AMAZING women every step of the way, so you never feel stuck or alone! 


 This is a total of:

  1. Nourish you Happiness meets once a monthly outdoors in a beautiful backyard  

  2. Intimate, weeky group sessions lead by Keri and Dr. Kat over a THREE months  
  3. 12 Online Group accountability/ Q&A calls

  4. One, 60 minute initial, one-on-one, wellness consultation

  5. 3 imperson celetrations where we practice, nourish and commune in the beautiful outdoor setting in Pleasant Hill, California.

  6. Discounted State of the Art Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing

  7. Discounted Hormone, Digstion and Nutritional Balancing testing 

  8. THRIVE Nutritional Program which includes meal plans, shopping lists, short cuts, workbooks, videos & recorded  lectures

  9. Private Facebook Community

a $5000 VALUE for only $2500

**Payment plans are also available**

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Don’t hesitate and miss this life-changing opportunity to RECLAIM your health, TRANSFORM your BODY and live the EXTRAORDINARY LIFE you’re longing for.

I’m so excited to meet you and share this amazing 90 day Transformational Journey with you and 19 incredible women. 


 “Rested and Radiant is the only PROGRAM that I have been able to sustain and the RESULTS have been EXTRAORDINARY!”

I have tried it all! I have tried every weight loss program that has ever been offered. Actually, I’m a lifetime member at Weight Watchers, if that tells you anything. Before working with Keri, I had struggled with Acid Reflux for over 20 years, I had high blood pressure, I was significantly overweight, had incredible cravings,  had difficulty sleeping and could never stick to a diet for long. I am now down to the lowest weight I have seen in 35 years and have lost over 50lbs. I am off my acid blocking medication and my acid reflux has completely disappeared. The best part about this program is, how I feel and that despite eating out several times per week and travelling, it is completely do able and sustainable. My habits have been transformed and changed forever! Janey




I lost my mom when I was 7. She didn’t die. A chronic and debilitating health condition landed her in the hospital sometimes 3 or 4 times a month. She couldn’t eat. She couldn’t sleep. Searing headaches and digestive distress made it almost impossible to get through daily tasks let alone enjoy her children or the life she so desperately wanted to lead.

I watched her go in and out of the ER and doctors’ offices, leaving each visit with no answers, no solutions and no hope. Each appointment left her more frustrated and less empowered than the last.

Her diet became more and more restricted with no end in sight. She rarely left the house because of her constant need to run to the bathroom. I saw my smart, driven, vibrant mother slip away.

I grew up wondering if I’d ever have a mom again.

When traditional medical practitioners couldn’t get to the root of her illness, my mom sought out alternative practitioners. With every new modality came a glimmer of hope. But she was grasping at straws. No one provided her with a thoughtful, integrated approach to healing. Several times, it was implied that it was all in her head and she started to believe she was crazy.


It probably comes as no surprise that I’m inspired to  create a health and nutrition revolution. My mother’s situation sparked my passion for holistic health but it wasn’t until I saw my own child start down this path that the flame ignited.

Chronic ear infections, runny nose, and fevers kept my little baby from thriving. That’s when I found Dr. Kalish and started my own educational journey. I studied. I learned about functional medical testing, nutritional protocols and lifestyle changes and how these modalities work together to provide a road map for health.My daughter healed and so did my mom. I can’t help but wonder why my mom had to suffer for three decades before she found the help she needed, but I am so grateful my daughter didn’t have to follow in her footsteps.

Are you ready to accompany me on this nutrition revolution?

My mission is to turn everything you know about nutrition and health upside down so that you can stop surviving and start thriving.

I can help you become your very own health specialist with simple sustainable solutions so that you feel empowered and powerful. Let’s dispel the nutrition and health myths that keep you overweight, tired, sick and unhappy.

 Are you ready for a customized road map?

What are you waiting for? 

Join me! Don’t wait another day to become 

one of 20 coveted 


 a $5000 VALUE for only $2500

**Payment plans are also available**

 It’s your turn to become

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Rested and Radiant

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First Kickoff and Accountability Circle will be held, Thursday, March 10th 2016 from 12-1pm PST.