Prescription for Health #PLAY

Feel like your life is lacking PASSION?

Design a 2015 “Play List”

Never under estimate the power of PLAY. I have helped hundreds of women get their spice back for life by helping them bring spontaneity and fun back into their lives. Here’s the thing, without PLAY everything suffers.  If you want a life filled with PASSION, incredible SEX and want to feel ALIVE again, YOU HAVE TO CREATE SPACE in your life TO PLAY.


Most of us have had our lives taken over by the necessities and mundane tasks of life. We have all but forgotten what it feels like to have passion and joy in your daily life and may even be suffering from FLC Syndrome aka “Feel Like Crap” syndrome. We find ourselves unhappy or depressed, exhausted all the time andwith a sex drive that has all but vanished.

I look at these complaints as surface issues, issues that can be corrected and improved dramatically if you begin to CREATE space in your life for YOUR dreams, passions and desires and it starts with PLAY!


IMG_8449Great! Sound great but how do you do this?  Step one is to create a “PLAY LIST. Start out by remembering what makes you come ALIVE! What makes you exuberant with JOY! For some of you- you might not even remember what that is – that’s no excuse! Dream, imagine, search for something that sounds like it might possibly be fun and enlist a girlfriend to join.  Little by little you will see your spark ignite and then the FLAME! Taking time out to play will bring PASSION and PURPOSE back into your life!

Need a little inspiration? Here’s my 2015 “Play List”.

prescription for health play


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